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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Save me!

I know I am terrible about updating this week. I am having a week from Hell at work. I am so ready for the weekend it’s not even funny. It’s been beautiful all week and of course Friday-Sunday the weather man is calling for rain. Go figure!

Let’s talk about this Hellish time I am having. I work with some trolls. Drama, nagging, mean, lazy trolls. I work in a medical billing office and until this job I worked with half woman, half men. Now it’s all women save the one gay guy, the young quiet guy and the young loud ignorant douche who I swear is really gay. I zlove gay men don't get me wrong but they can be worse then the women at times. I know as many of my close friends are gay males. My point is almost all wome stuck in an office together is nothing but drama. It is like being in middle school with all the competition and cat fights. Anyways I started here with one job and kid you not I now do about five or six depends on how you break it down. I got one whole dollar raise for this. I work my ass off and try to make no mistakes as some of my job is accouting and there is no room for error.

Well let me tell you I was doing three of those jobs Tuesday at once when my cell phone rang. It's on silent so I looked over seen it was my doctor and let it go. Our HR lady happens to walk over at this point and says "Oh really busy, huh?" I said "Excuse me actually I am." Now we are ALLOWED to have our cell phones out, we have our own work phones and people sit and kid you not text all day. I was not texting I clearly was typing and writing things at the same time. She then announced to all the managers how I was texting. I didn't get reprimanded but it's the whole principle. I WASN"T TEXTING!! Never once have I been thanked for doing everything asked of me, or told "Good Job", instead this lady has had it out for me since day 1. When I have never done anything to her.

So now she acts like she is spying on me all week. GO AHEAD. Take a look and see all the work I do. Be my guest. What a crap week I am glad it's almost over.

On another note my doctor's appointment was really good yesterday. He told me I was doing great and everything was perfect. I heard Pumpkin's heart beat and next week I have my sono where I hopefully find out what kind of Pumpkin I am having! I am glad I have such a caring, nice doctor this time. Every month I get a sono and that helps calm my fears. So that made me feel better for a while yesterday.

I hope everyone else's week is going better then mine!


  1. I am happy that you found your way over to my blog. Thank you for comment and words of encouragement. I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful son Gavin. I hope that your situation at work improves and that your upcoming week brings better days.

  2. Gavin was a handsome little guy. Beautiful pic

  3. Keep going Stephanie - everything feels worse when you're grieving. xx