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Monday, May 2, 2011

*15 weeks*

My pumpkin is now the size of an orange! I know some people think you can't feel movement this early. I know what the difference is between a gas bubble and a flutter. I definitely felt pumpkin flutter about last night. With Gavin I think I dismissed early movement because I didn't know what it felt like. I was laying down in the dark thinking as I always do and I felt it. I can't wait until it's full kicks though. Here is a funny story with Gavin's kicks. One night my BF and I were laying in bed cuddled up sleeping and Gavin kicked real hard. I didn't think my BF could feel it. Sure enough he jolted up and said "hey the baby just kicked me in the butt!" I was cracking up he was right he got kicked right in his ass.

My next appointment is on May 11th and on May18th I have a sonogram. My OB is pretty sure he will be able to tell me the sex that day. It's something to look forward to. Then I can stop reading all 100,000 names in my baby book and narrow it down to 50,000!  I can also start shopping then too. My mom is so antsy she has bought some diapers and things. I have bought maternity clothes. I am going to start buying detergent and baby wash this week. My cravings have now switched to grilled cheese, french toast and waffles. I don't want to jinx myself but the bad symptoms have seemed to subside. The migraines are still coming and going but aren't as intense. *knock on wood* They still suck though and the anxiety is out of control. I won't take anything again until pumpkin is here though. I am thankful for this baby and am glad to be a mommy again. I just wish Gavin was here as a big brother. I know he will watch over baby though.

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