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Monday, May 9, 2011

I Have A Sweet Little Sister

*I think Pumpkin should always have a separate post, at least for weekly updates. If I hadn't lost Gavin I would talk about the baby even more so I at least owe it to my little one to have his/her own entry. That's the reason for two entries.*

Let me explain why I have such a young brother and sister first. My grandmother had my mother at 19, my mother then had me at 19 my dad (or sperm donor) as I like to call him, was a deadbeat. My mother never asked him for a dime and sacrificed everything to take care of me. She married my step dad when I was 9, had my brother when I was 10, miscarried twice, had  my sister when I was 13, and then miscarried once more.( I know my poor mom.) I had no idea how much she was going through then and I wish I would have been able to at least be a perfect little girl for her. So there you have it I have a 16 year old brother and 12 year old sister.

I was sitting with my siblings Saturday night so my parents could go out. They don't need to be watched exactly but my mom was gone for a bit and I don't do anything else. So my little sister and I were watching movies. I told her I wanted some peanut butter and chocolate really bad. She took her little Easter bunnies put some peanut butter on them, got a glass of milk and gave them to me. It was so cute.

Then yesterday when I was wanting to smack my grandmother for her rude comments, my sister said something sweet. She asked why I was mad. I told her what was said. She told me "Don't worry you are still a mommy." She is sweet and smart for her age. She has a hard time with Gavin being dead and is very excited for this new baby. She says Pumpkin will sleep in her room and she has a babysitter book she read before Gavin and reads now. She also learned how to sew and made Gavin a bunny. She is going to make this baby and animal as well.

I am still furious with my grandmother and something will have to be sorted out if she ever wants to speak to me again. For now I am thankful for people who continue to do nice things for me. My mother and sister especially.

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