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Monday, May 16, 2011

*Pumpkin Is 17 Weeks*

How many weeks? I am 17 weeks today.

How are you feeling today? Today I am not feeling too bad. The never ending migraine is still present. I was quite out of it yesterday and bummed around all day. It felt good although unproductive at the same time. I have some energy today and am killing it at work!

Symptoms? Still nauseous in the mornings, the insomnia is getting better, but the migraines aren’t.

Milestones? I have felt some flutters again. Gavin always stayed on my right side and if I dared lay on that side he would kick the hell out of me. Same thing for this baby. I don’t feel kicks but am rather uncomfortable and get the weirdest feeling in my tummy if I don’t stay away from that side.

Appointments? Last week I talked about my regular OB appointment. It went well and I heard the heart beat right away. This Wednesday I have a u/s. I can’t wait because we might be able to tell the sex! I just want to shop for some clothes.

Positive thing about this pregnancy? I am happy to be a mother again even though it pains me that Gavin isn’t here with me. I know it helps my little brother and sister because they are young and Gavin’s death is hard for them to really grasp. They obviously know what death is but when you are a teenage boy and pre teen girl you haven’t experienced many people dying. (for them not any) They are very excited for this baby to come and I am happy that they are happy.

Purchases? So far animal plates, a stuffed lamb, duckie pjs, a box of diapers and baby wash. I obviously have a ton of brand new stuff already.

So there you have it. Hopefully on Wednesday we will know what team I am. I don’t care either way I just want a healthy Pumpkin. It’s just something to look forward to.


  1. I've found it comforting to focus on buying baby stuff too... it's something positive to do, isn't it. xx

  2. I totally agree Susan. Little things like that help me get through some days. I really don't care either way. I loved my Gavin and he was such a sweetie so I would love a boy. Or I would love to dress up a little girl. I want a healthy baby that is for sure.