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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

NT scan tomorrow :/

Tomorrow is my NT scan I am so nervous. After my doctor not being able to find Little Pumpkins heartbeat right away last time, I am scared it will happen again. Actually at my appointment my doctor gave me a sonogram after we sat there for a bit and still no heartbeat. The sonogram showed everything perfect. I couldn't believe the baby was so small but looked like a little person! Pumpkin was so active too it was crazy! Rolling all around and moving body parts everywhere. I could even see the heart flicker in pumpkin's chest. With Gavin I wasn't considered high risk so I only got two sonograms. Both with techs who went very fast and didn't explain much. Literally the first one I got showed his gender. I also didn't find out with him until I was 2 1/2 months. I used to always miss my periods and thought nothing of missing them then. Plus I spotted the first month a little and my body went through the motions of a period so it didn't occur to me at first.

I know I will be up all night worrying about everything! I am praying Little Pumpkin will be just perfect though.


  1. I think worry is just part of life now Bella. I found the night before my NT tough. I'm not sure how old you are - but unless you in your late 40s, you have a great chance of a normal result. Even if you are in the your late 40s, the over-whelming odds are still for a normal result.

    Sending you a hug. Will be thinking of you xx

  2. We all worry - its just our way to knowing how much we love something. (at least its that way for me). But when it comes to our worries its best not to let them take over our lives --- we are pregnant with our baby's & we are so very lucky!

    I hope you have an amazing appointment tomorrow and that you have great pictures to share with us soon!

  3. Thinking of you. I hope you get great news tomorrow!

  4. Thanks everyone! I am going to tell about my scan now :)

    P.S. HUGS back to you Susan!