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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How Can Life Be So Unfair?

Life is unfair, this hand I have been dealt is unfair. I am dying without my baby. What I wouldn't do to see him again. I am so uncomfortable today from the pain of him not being here. I want to hold him and never let him go. My sweet baby, why him? Why did he have to be ripped from me? I should be celebrating his 1st birthday not mourning his death. I shouldn't have to sit here at work and listen to people complain about things that are so ridiculous. As if they know what pain feels like. It's not their fault and I am glad they don't have to feel like me. My beautiful boy I love you and am so lost right now.


  1. He is just so sweet. Love that little face of his. Thinking of you

  2. He is a total cutie - and yes, it is completely unfair - on him, on you, on all of us.

    Don't feel you have to put too much of a brave face on Stephanie - you have suffered the worse lost imaginable, and it will do no harm to anyone else if you occassionally point that out to them. Sending you much love xx