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Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter!

In case I get busy and don't go on here all weekend...I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter! What are your plans? I am going to eat with my family, we are going to the botanical gardens to see the animals and flowers, and also having an Easter egg hunt for the kiddies! I really hope we have warm weather. The weather is still pretty cold here. It's so crazy one year it's in the 80s for Easter the next it's snowing. We got my lovey a SpongeBob basket with toys and candy. I still will probably go shopping today and get him some more things. I know it's only Easter but in my family we love spoiling the children! I can't wait to eat some yummy ham and have ham leftovers for sandwiches. I crave that all the time.

As for my migraine it's still here. I called my OB and they said to tell my primary about it, so I will see her on Monday. Unless I end up in the ER sooner which I hope that's not the case. The only problem is when I see my primary she will probably say " Ask your OB what to do." So I will probably miss all day Monday trying to get them to agree. Missing work is what I am trying to avoid.

Ok that's all for now. So if I am not back in the next couple days:

Have A Happy Easter!!!

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