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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Days 21-27

So once again I am way behind. Blake has been a bit sick and teething. Plus a million other things have been going on. I started this though and I want to finish it.

Day 21. Altar/Shrine/Sacred Space-It is much to wet outside to show my garden and most of my flowers have died. This is in my living room. I do have a shelf that was in my old house that holds much more but that is one more thing we haven't gotten around to putting up. So here is my shrine. On the left is a photo collage I created days after Gavin died. After his funeral I bought the angel in front of it. It is hard to see put it is a baby angel holding a star, on the bottom it reads "You Are My Shining Star" people who follow my blog know the importance of this. In the middle is a rose that plays music. On the right Is the frame I got from my mother my 1st Mother's Day without Gavin. It reads "To The Best Mommy In The World, Gavin." The Angel in front I got last Mother's day. She is holding a baby boy


Day 22. Place of Care/Birth- I refuse to talk about the place and Dr. that were supposed to care for me during my pregnancy, birth. Here are the people who were there during my pregnancy and labor. My boyfriend, Mother and Best Friend. The one with my mom and friend are from my baby shower for Gavin so I find them quite fitting.


Day 23. Their Name/Their Photo- Here is my baby, my angel, my love, Gavin Alexander.

Day 24. Siblings-Here are Gavin's Brother's. Aiden is the eldest and loved him so much. It broke my heart after Gavin died and he was too little to understand where his baby brother went. He would pull my hand in to the room to look in the bassinet and say baby to me. Every morning he would be so excited to wake up and see Gavin. Blake was born after Gavin so he is the little brother. As they get older I will share everything about Gavin with them so he can live on even when I am gone.

Day 25. Baby Shower/Blessing- I am cheating again and sharing two. The first is of myself, cousins, mom, aunt, grandma and baby sister. The second is with my sister. She was so excited for Gavin's arrival she took a class and learned how to make him a bunny. God what I would do to be taken back to this day. I remember everything about it. What a beautiful day who could have guessed.


Day 26. Their Age- This is how old he was when we took him off of life support.


Day 27. Artwork- I wanted to buy a sign with this quote to hang in Gavin's room. I never got that chance. I thought well I will buy one for Blake's room and it will be for the both of them. For some reason I feel as if I am betraying Gavin though. So tough to be a bereaved momma, you never know what is right.


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