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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 9

Day 9. Special Place- I love to be by the water, whether it is on the beach, by the marina or even at a restaurant. When I was pregnant with Gavin I couldn't wait to take him to all of these places. I wanted him to run in the sand, feel the sun beat down on his skin, splash in the water and just be a kid. I did get to take him on a few walks but it was too cold to take him by the water. After he died Brad and I would go to the marina often. We would sit in silence as we looked out at the other kids playing and the sun setting so beautifully. I would sit and look at them trying to contemplate why we had been put through this Hell. It was the only place I found some peace. I couldn't help but cry though knowing my baby would never experience it. He would never see a sunset across the water. I still go the marina often and every time I think of my baby. The strangest things can make you think of your angels and this is one of them. I took this picture our first time at the marina after Gavin died.

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  1. I constantly think of everything Jack wont get see or experience -sigh. I have missed alot of posts latelty as my time is very limited for a bit. Gavin, Blake -your family is always in my thoughts. xoxoxox