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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Days 18-20

Yeah I totally suck at this. It is hard to blog with a one year old, an almost four year old and my new 7 week old puppy. On top of a full time job!

Day 18. Your Family Portrait-This one I am going to have to cheat on a little, since I am in my pjs and home alone with the kids anyways. The tops is the most recent picture of my family now. The bottom is Blake, holding his brother Gavin's picture. This is my family.

Day 19. Project-The project I want to work on is Gavin's scrap book. I know it has been two years but it is still hard seeing the newspaper we saved on the day he was born, the first time I looked at his and the last day he was alive. My mother and I plan to get good and drunk this winter and work on it though. I am not sure I can do it alone. I have a lot of the stuff that goes in it since I bought the supplies while I was pregnant/he was alive. Now I just have to make myself do it.

Day 20. Charity/Organization- Again this is where I suck at taking pictures. My favorite charity is the Stella B. Foundation. They help families with very sick, terminally ill or those who have passed by paying some of their bills that are stacking up at home. The social worker at the hospital asked if I wanted to sign up and I just did whatever she said like a zombie. Turns out we were the first ones they gave money to. I never realized the work it takes to start you own charity. They are now my dear friend and I am so glad I met them. The charity is named after their daughter who passed away from a cancerous tumor in her abdomen. I wish I got to meet her, I know she was the sweetest thing with the caring parents she has.


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