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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 13

Day 13. Signs-I did talk about my favorite sign from my angel which was my shooting star. There is another one I have. I love LED light up things. One year I bought snowflakes for the windows that lit up, I also had a light up heart I got at a carnival (yes I am a big kid at heart and my grandma was buying all the kids one during fireworks so I got one), lastly I have one of those globes you hold where the lights spin around. Especially right after Gavin died, they would go off all the time. It doesn't happen as often but every once in a while they do. Especially when I am having a really hard day. I take it as him saying I am o.k. mom.

(Sorry I am kind of cheating on the last two because the baby is asleep and my camera is in the room.)


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