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Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 8

Day 8. Jewelery- I have a few pieces that are very special. This piece I hold dear to my heart. My cousin and I were never super close due to our age gap. Once we became FB friends we started to talk often. She is very supportive of me, listens when I need it and always says or  does the kindest things. For what should have been Gavin's 2nd birthday this year I was in the hospital getting that dreaded gallbladder surgery that just about killed me. I was beyond miserable that I could not be at his grave. I did pack his pictures with me though so I could at least stare at his face. Anyways, my cousin didn't call any of us but just got in her car and drove to see me which is a several hour drive, all by her self at night time. Not only that but she gave me this charm for my angel's birthday. On the outside it looks like the Holy Bible but on the inside it's an angel mommy watching over her baby. I picture Gavin as a baby in Heaven still. I feel like he has someone up there taking care of him until I arrive. That angel will be me one day when I am reunited with my baby boy.


  1. I have totally missed reading your blog. So busy with life :( Love the jewelry!

  2. I have missed you and you beautiful family's stories as well. Thank you! <3