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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 14

Day 14. Community-I actually attend many different things with the bereaved community. Some things are not appropriate to take pictures at. I have to get better at taking pictures at the ones that I can though. There is "A Night To Remember" which is a huge raffle that you can bring your own drinks/snacks to, it's a fun gathering. Then there is a ceremony at the church which is a remembrance of our lost babies, there is a few walks I do, a spaghetti dinner and the big walk is "A Walk To Remember." I actually just went to it two weekends ago with my son and mother. Here we are with Gavin's sign and the balloons we released for him. We also watch a releasing of the doves, write notes on a banner, hear songs, poems, bury notes under a tree, eat together and then walk the path of our babies names. I find it very healing to have a day where I can release my grief with many others that feel the same exact way as I do.


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  1. Just catching up with your blog Steph - what a lovely way to remember Gavin xx