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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 10

Day 10. Symbol-I of course think angels and especially baby angels are beautiful. They will always remind me of my son. However that is not his symbol I would choose. Stars and shooting stars and what reminds me of him. After his passing I would often sit on the back porch and there was a star that shined so bright and even during cloudy nights I could see it. I began to call it my Gavin star. Whenever I wanted to talk to him, I would go outside look up at that star and say whatever was on my mind. When I was very close to having Blake I looked up at that star and asked Gavin for a sign. A sign that not only meant he was o.k. but that he knew his baby brother in no way could every replace him. That my love for him would never fade or would I ever forget about him. As soon as I stopped talking a shooting star went across my Gavin star. Living in the city seeing those is extremely rare. So When ever I see a shooting star or any bright star object I think of him.

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