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Thursday, June 16, 2011


I am quite a Bitch today. I have had no sleep since Aiden had a belly ache last night and wouldn't sleep in his crib. He slept in bed with me instead which is never a good time. My BF works nights so that's why it was just me. Don't get me wrong, I love cuddling my boy up but he is an awful sleeper. He kicks, talks, cries, tosses and turns all night. On top of the fact that his belly was hurting him so he was even more fussy. I think he was having trouble going potty and that was the problem. Around 3:00 am he had finally settled down and was in his deep sleep. At 3:30 am my BF pulls in the driveway, Aiden hears his car and jumps up screaming "Daddy's home, I wanna see Daddy!" So I picked him up handed him to Brad and said "Do not make a peep, either of you!" I couldn't help it I am so tired and at that point only had two more hours I could sleep. Which of course I then tossed and turned with no chance of getting any shut eye.

So here I am at work wishing we would have a power outage or something so I can go home. Not only am I on no sleep, I was told what a coworker has been saying about me this morning. She is basically indicating that my pregnancy is wrong since I am not married. That why don't I just get married if my BF and I have been together for so long and are having our second child. I am sorry June Cleaver but welcome to 2011. I will get married to my BF if and when I damn please. This lady just never stops with her comments. She is pretty high up in our company and just has it out for me. She didn't like that the owner wanted me to be hired here because my mom is a manager. She thinks family shouldn't work together. Although other families already do work here. The funny thing is she interviewed me along with many others and chose me herself. Now I am thinking that was only to torture me. She has made me cry many times, even on my second day here. I am constantly getting dirty looks from her and means remarks. She is the one who seen me glance at my cell and insisted I was texting. No actually I was spotting that morning and waiting for my Dr. to call back. He was calling back at that time and I went to pick up my phone and go on my break. Not that it's any of her damn business when every single person here is on their phone 24/7 actually texting. It makes her even more mad that I am not reprimanded for it. So now I guess it's war between her and I.

I am going to loose my job if this all continues. I will go from crying at my desk to shouting "You ignorant people can all kiss my ass."

I don't ask for pity or for sympathy but how about a tiny bit of understanding? Your life is good, mine is shit. Your children are all alive, my son is gone forever.


  1. I find staring at them works. Look them right in the eyes and dont say a word, just a hard cold stare. It always made everyone nervous when I did that and they turned around and minded their own business. They started to think I was putting a hex on them. LOL I hate office Bs, I had 12 yrs of it. I hope you have a better day tommorrow. Well Wishes

  2. oh screw her... as if it's important whether you're married or not.... We got married when Catherine was 8 months old - I have to say I don't recommend this - as bf-ing and a white mereinge wedding dress and laced bodice are not compatible.

    BTW, is Aiden your husband's child from another relationship - I'm assuming he isn't yours?? Of have I got that totally wrong!!

  3. Don't let other people get you down. Some people just can not help but put other people down. It is the only way that they feel good about themselves. That is a sad way to live.

    Hoping that today is a better day.

  4. Michelle-I love it I will have to try that. I do have a pretty mean stare down at this point.

    Susan- lol Susan! I messed many of my clothes, I can't imagine what a wedding dress would look like. Yes Aiden is just my step baby. We have him Monday-Friday.

    Marisa-I try not to but it's getting rediculous here. Thank you!