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Thursday, April 19, 2012

To Susan

 Sweet, beautiful, Catherine did exist. She still does in fact. Her presence is all around you. Every day she is watching over her sister, mommy and daddy. Her wishes are that her momma's heart will heal. While she longs to be with you she knows one day you will all be together again.

 There are a lot of ignorant people out there. Sometimes it's a stranger, sometimes it's a family member. They don't understand that our hearts will never be complete and we will never stop longing for our child. Ignore them. You are doing a great job mothering her from earth and keeping her memory alive. She now lives through you and you are making sure she is still very much here.

 I wish we didn't have to meet under theses circumstances. I wish we met on a mother's board some where talking about all of our children alive and well. Life is so unfair and I am so sorry people who should be supporting you are not. However, I am glad we met because you and I can almost always relate to one another. You have given me some of the best support and kindest words when I needed them the most. I will always be here to listen and give you all the support I can from so far away.

 I wish your sweet Catherine was alive and all your pain would go away. I am so sorry for all the awful things you had to go through so close to and on her angelversary. You had enough on you plate and didn't need that at all. You are strong momma and are doing a great job mothering both of you girls. I am always thinking of you, Catherine and Miss Maddy.

Sending you so much love and peace,

Stephanie xoxo


  1. Perfectly said Stephanie, you are so sweet!

  2. Oh Stephanie - that's so lovely. I was hiding under the duvet, so I didn't see it at first - but now I have, I'm so touched.

    Before Catherine died, people used to ask what did I learn form my boyfriend's death. One of the things I used to say was that I learnt that other people are crap at grief - but also that (thankfully) just a few good friends are enough to carry you through. I would also say that they are probably not the people you think of as your closest friends now, but that you shouldn't worry (cos like the A-TEAM (you might have to google who they are Steph :) when you need them, you will find each other..

    You are my most excellent friends xx

    Much love to you all too x