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Friday, April 13, 2012

Keeping Gavin Alive

All April I have been sharing pictures of Gavin on my Facebook that I have never posted before. By doing this I feel I am reminding people he was here and am helping to keep his memory alive.. The other day Blake was in his Bumbo seat as we played in his room. When I looked at him I realized the seat and his clothes matched the colors of the outfit and bib Gavin was wearing the night before he died.

So being the very amateur photographer I am, I decided to take some pictures. I plan on doing some nicer ones and almost brought a photo with us to Blake's shoot yesterday. He is still so antsy that it is hard enough to get a picture of just him. I think the ones I took by myself so far came out o.k. though. The second one is my favorite. I also thought of another idea. On my blog I am going to post a picture or two of Gavin every day he was alive. From his birthday April 28th until the day I lost my sweet boy June 1st.

So here they are the only pictures I will ever get of my boys together:


  1. omg what an awsome idea. I love Blake holding the photo of Gavin.You can certainly tell they are brothers. xo

  2. Yes, both gorgeous boys. He was alive. He was really here. He lived. He made a difference. You are a diferent mum because of him. Much love to you xx

  3. Love those pictures of your two boys, especially like the one where Blake is looking at Gavin's picture - so precious!

    So thinking about you as April 28th comes around, big hugs!!

  4. I cannot beleive how much Blake looks like his big brother Gavin. What an amazing picture.

    Thinking of you and your beautiful boys.

  5. Such cute shots & a great idea. They both look so much alike and are both handsome. Such cuties.

  6. Thanks everyone <3 Love to you all.