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Monday, July 11, 2011

*25 weeks*

How many weeks? I am 25 weeks this week! I have been slacking so bad on updating about my baby and I feel horrible :(  Last week was viability week. Which means if the baby is born now he has a 90% chance of making it. About the size of an eggplant.

How big is baby? Baby should weigh around a pound and a half. He is also about thirteen and a half inches long.

How are you feeling today? Good for the most part. My insomnia and nausea have both returned though. I haven't slept well all week. Which could be baby or stress related or both.
Any Symptoms?I have constant movement now. This baby boy is bossy! No matter which side I lay on he kicks the crap out of me until I move. He also kicks my crotch area a lot. My little sister thinks it's funny and calls him ninja baby.

Milestones? Reaching 24 weeks!

Appointments? I had to move my appointment to this Monday because of stupid work. I had a ton to do last week. If I wasn't feeling constant movement there is no way I would postpone it.

Positive thing about this pregnancy? Getting to be a mommy for the second time.

Baby names? I am pretty sure Blake Alexander wins.
Purchases? So far animal plates, a stuffed lamb, duckie pjs, a box of diapers and baby wash. I obviously have a ton of brand new stuff already. Now to add on to that I got two outfits from Carter's, a night time baby wash, and some wall decorations for the baby's room. (Sorry if you find this part boring it's kind of helping me keep track) For this week we got some garment bags to wash babies clothes, a boppy pillow with two covers, some socks, and an outfit from Carter's. This week I bought three more outfits, a pair of pjs, a Carter's Giraffe and a carter's monkey that holds the pacifier. In the past few weeks I got a little brother outfit, lord knows how many regular outfits, some room decorations and I am sure I am missing something. I buy things every single week sometimes a few times a week. I get scolded by everyone around me too. Well guess what I will buy what I want, when I want. He is my baby and it's my money. Jeez!


  1. Blake is a wondrful name, its not at all boring and ignore the scoldings. I know easier said than done. I hope you get some sleep. Well wishes

  2. Found our blog through another baby loss mom and wanted to say how sorry I am for the loss of your sweet baby boy.

    Congrats on your new pregnancy!