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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Back To Basics

Hello All,

I know, I know I have neglected my blog for much too long. So let's play catch up, shall we? I now as of October 18th have a 2 year old! That's right my baby Blakey is 2 years old. When the Hell did that happen? He is a busy, loveable, talkative, happy, smart, sweet, momma's boy. As I write this he is laying on my leg in fact. I am so grateful for him every day and am amazed at all the things he does.

The terrible 2's have hit us months ago though. I can't keep up with this kid to save my life. He's either flushing things down the potty, cracking eggs on the floor, climbing on the table or plotting his next move. I SHOULD be skinny by now.

We have also been doing lots of fun fall activities. Going apple picking, to pumpkin patches and playing outside before the weather turns freezing (which today it is). Blake is going to be Frankenstein for Halloween. He makes a cute one too. He got to wear his costume to church for a Halloween party today.

Last Saturday was his Birthday Party. He had a SpongeBob themed party. I might have overdid it with the gift bags and decorations but you only turn 2 once right? Only suck of the day is the large amount of people who ditched. Really pisses me off because I gave them all several out before I bought party favors and while I could still change the food/cake.Every single one of them insisted on how they were coming up until the party. Then an hour after the party started I had to call THEM. I got the same lame excuses that were clearly made up. Those people are now blacklisted. I think it's pretty ridiculous to hurt a 2 year olds feelings but ditching his party. What can you do though?

I think I am going to write a book on party manners. People need to realize a lot of money and planning is spent. When you ditch just for the heck of it you are putting the host out.

All in all Blake had a great time, got a ton of cool gifts and his happiness is all that matters.

Change of subject now. Important change. As I am sure you all know it is baby and infant loss awareness month. I have been posting things on my FB and lighting candles for all of our angels. This month gets hard for me because I wish I didn't have to be a statistic. I wish I could go on about my naive way of life and live it up with my two boys by myself.

Here:s a funny story about Gavin:

The first time the nurse let Brad and I change him in the NICU it was a disaster. It was hard because he was so small and attached to so many things. I was trying my best to get the new diaper on as fast as possible. Then it happened. Explosive, think, brown meconium poop, everywhere!!! Poor baby it was on his head, our clothes, the pic lines, everything. We finally did get him cleaned up and in a fresh new diaper though. I would give anything to have more memories with him.

Love you Gavin Alexander, forever and always.

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  1. Xo thinking of Gavin love his little story
    Ps I hear ya with busy busy busy Sev is hitting the terrible twos very very early I think it will go on forvever, love the pics Blake is adorable