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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Where does the time go?

Life is very hectic right now. Between a 3 month old baby, a 3 year old step son and working 4 days a week, I have no time for myself. Brad works 6-7 days a week and many of those are doubles so I really am all alone. I'm not complaining but I miss being able to blog. I also miss reading all of your stories and seeing how you are all doing.

Instead of writing catch up posts I am going to start from here. I will add a little from things that have passed too but it will be easier if I start from today and go forward. Blake is now 14 weeks old. It feels like just yesterday I had him. I wish I could swaddle him up and he wouldn't grow but we all know that isn't possible. He is one of the happiest babies I have ever seen. He is always smiling, cooing and make this loving noise that sounds like "gooooo", that's when you know he is happy with you. He is very strong and tries to sit up all on his own when in the boppy. He then gets frustrated when he can't and cries. So I give him a little help and he is so proud of himself. He can bat at and hold his toys. He has two favorite toys one is a froggy that has legs you can chew on and rattles when you shake it. Another is something meant for older children (about 9 months) but I just had to get it. It's a Fisher Price Dog that stand up and sings. His ears go up, he claps his hands and shakes from side to side. He also says many phrases like "Baby is so big." It's always my favorite when little kids learn how to hold their arms up proudly when you say they are so big.

Christmas was a tough day for me.Last year I didn't really celebrate Christmas.I didn't decorate, watch Christmas movies, or really do much of anything. I cried a lot that day. I cried a lot this year too. I was happy to have my beautiful son to share it with and at the same time I was sad to not be able to share it with his beautiful brother. Holidays are always going to suck I think. For the sake of Blake I will never make it known that mommy is sad on a holiday. When he is older I am going to start some sort of tradition where we include Gavin in our festivities. Whether it be writing a note on a balloon to him,decorating his grave together, or donating in his memory. Whatever it is I will make sure Gavin's memory is always kept alive.

Now I am off to work on a few hours of sleep. Some little stinker thought playtime was 4 am. He is lucky he is so cute. Today should be fun. Now for some pictures. Sorry not all are the best quality. These are from my phone, I haven't uploaded my camera ones yet. In some of the pictures he was moving also.

Blake in one of his Christmas Outfits.
Hugh Hefner Blake
Baby Pimp Blake
Blake and I on New Years Day also my bday. He wasn't thrilled for the picture.
My Silly Man
Just Woke Up
Another Christmas Outfit
Me pretending he was opening his gifts. This is the dog I was talking about.
I love his smile


  1. My gosh he is just the cutest little thing, can't believe he is already 3 months old!!

  2. OMG look at that smile! SOOOOO adorable! ps I hope you dont over exhaust yourself, remember Mommy's need a break too. xo

  3. He is so cute! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. It is nice to see a picture with a smile on your face. He is a special little boy.

  4. Thanks girls. <3 I am getting a bit over exhausted Michelle. I have to learn to balance things out better.