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Thursday, February 16, 2012

For Us Women With Broken Wings

A Birth Healing Blessing:

Blessed Sister, beautiful one
with broken wings.
Your journey is a difficult one
that no mother should have to endure.
Your path is steep, rocky and slippery
and your tender heart is in need of gentle healing.

Breathe deeply and know that you are loved.
You are not alone,
though at times, you will feel like a
desolate island of grief
Close your eyes.
Seek the wisdom of women who have walked this well-worn path before you,
and before,
and before yourself were born.
These beautiful ones
with eyes like yours
have shared your pain, and
weathered the storms of loss.

You are not alone (breathe in)
You will go on (breathe out)
Your wings will mend (breathe in)
You are loved (breathe out)
~Mary Burgess
I think this poem is beautiful and quite fitting for all of us women with angel babies. I am going back to that stage where I feel very alone. A lot of that comes from the fact that I have two friends who were both pregnant with boys the same time as I was with Gavin. All three boys were born within weeks of each other. Then those same friends got pregnant with boys again while I was expecting Blake. My one friend and I had our babies on the same day and the other just had hers a few weeks ago. I am feeling sad, jealous, angry, distraught, over the fact that they can take pictures of their two boys together and I can't. That their two boys will grow up together, close in age, with a special brotherly bond. Mine won't. Blake will only know what I tell him about Gavin. Of course I am happy for my friends that their children are healthy and thriving. I just don't know why mine can't be too. So I am back to feeling alone, like the only one who has ever walked this path. This poem reminds me I am walking a path behind and in front of many other women just like me.

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  1. I wish things were different for you, that Blake and Gavin could be together. xo