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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Absentee Stephanie

Sorry I am no good at this blogging anymore. I always mean to but my time is stretched so thin not much of it is for myself to get deep in to thought.

I did blog on Blake's birthday but didn't recognize it properly. On October 18th Blake turned one year old! I have to admit the doom and gloom part of myself never thought it would come. The other part of me thought of course it would but I didn't want my baby to grow up. He is now 14 months old and busy, busy, busy! He says a lot of words, mimics things you say and is mostly walking now. Sometimes he realizes his better escape plan is to crawl so he reverts back to that. I am sad that he is no longer my tiny little squishy baby but so happy to have seen him celebrate a birthday and learn new things each day. He is also still a very happy baby who loves to dance, "sing" and watch SpongeBob Square Pants. (His brother got him hooked what can I do?) Overall Blake is in good health, active, tall, thin and has helped me to return to that happy girl I once was.




  1. ahh he is so cute!!1 I understand the busy part lol I havent had time to blog much either. Also lately going to Jack's blog makes me really sad, I rememeber and love him everyday and still talk to him but for some reason I just dont feel like blogging about it. Grief has it's phases I guess. Blake is so adorable, I love the cake pic!

  2. I haven't been good at the blogging thing either. Blake is DARLING - so cute!!