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Thursday, August 16, 2012

From My Angel

I know you're tired and sad, your heart is broke, your mind is mad.
I don't want you to cry anymore because I am in a beautiful place.
Where everything is peaceful and I always get to look down and see your face.
When you cry at night and sing to me
I'm right there holding your hand.
I know you feel alone,
like no one can understand.
There's lot of people that hurt with you
they just don't always show it.
There's lots of people thinking of you
more then you know it.
Don't live your life so hurt
And full of so much pain.
There will come a day when we are together again.
When that day comes
I will be here with my arms open too.
Until that happens just know
I'm always, always with you.


It was like my hand knew what to write this morning. I didn't have to think at all as the words poured on the page. I've been very sad lately. Thank you baby for this gift.


  1. I am always thinking of you and Gavin and Blake. xoxoxo

  2. So wonderful to see you post! Thank you for sharing that letter...can I "steal" (re-post) it on my blog? I hope you wont mind ((hugs))

    1. I do not mind one bit. Gavin sent that poem to me but it is to bring some comfort to us all. It literally took me a few minutes to write. It was like my hand and heart knew what he wanted to say. xoxo

  3. That is a beautiful post. I am thinking of you and your precious boys often.